What we do

Beths Grammar School – Bexley Location 

It’s My Life support young children and adolescents to work to achieve their full potential according to their age and ability.

Conductive education targets the areas that can be reasonably improved through conductive rehabilitation.

We work with infants, children of any age and young adolescents. 

If parents are new to conductive education, they are invited to actively participate in supporting the child during the sessions so the parent understands the practical application of the conductive education practises.

Generally, our classes take the form of group classes of between 3 to 6 children who work together on a range of tasks and exercises that are tailored for them.  

Simple tasks and exercises might be set for ‘homework’ to further improve development.

We run our classes on Saturdays and throughout most holidays.

Cobtree Manor Golf Course – Maidstone Location

We run a parent led class on Friday for preschool children called MOVE & Play.

It gives the child an introduction to conductive education methods in a relaxed atmosphere. The emphasis is on fun.  We show the parent exercises to encourage mobility and strength.